GIS Program/
Project Design & Implementation

GIS Analysis/Interpretation

GPS Field Services & Training

Geodetic Control -
Research & Location

Cadastral Mapping

CAD Based Applications

Aerial Photography -
Vertical & Oblique

Image Rectification

Spatial Model Design & Creation

Historic Land Use
& Facilities Mapping

Map/Atlas Design & Printing

Base Map Planning & Development

Geodatabase Model
Design & Implementation

GIS Hardware/
Software Purchasing & Setup

GIS Software Training -
Group & Individual

Data Support
& Technical Assistance

Purchasing & Installation

Aerial Photography - Vertical and Oblique

Community GIS Services has shot thousands of vertical and oblique exposures for our clients. Aerial photography can be an expensive endeavor. The weather often plays the largest factor in determining when the photography is taken and Murphy’s Law always applies once you get up in the air. No matter what the barrier Community GIS Services will make sure the job is done right and on budget.




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